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Wednesday, 18 December 2013 12:49

TPP Sviloza obtained an electricity trade license


IMG 75683

TPP Sviloza AD, applied before the SEWRC and obtained license # L-417-15/21.10.2013 on the activities of “Electricity trade”, including the rights and obligations of a “Coordinator of standard balancing group for ten years.

The company believes, that this period of time is going to be sufficient, in order for TPP Sviloza to gain experience and improve their work as an active participant in the electricity market as trader of electricity.

IMG 7425-2TPP Svliloza marked one year of successful work with DTEK- the biggest private vertically integrated energy company in Ukraine. Yearly the enterprise extracts 39,7 million tons of coal and produces 51,4 billion kW/h, and the Bulgarian company “Energy market”, which is one of the biggest merchant of electricity in the region. “Energy market” AD is the first company with entirely Bulgarian capital in the field of electricity trade in Bulgaria. They sell electrical energy to more than 20 clients from Greece, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania. They also are importers form Romania, Ukraine and Moldova.

Thanks to their cooperation with those time-tested companies, TPP Sviloza has an assured flwaless and continuous work of its facilities, while complying the compliance requirements with the ecological norms set out in the regulations.

Friday, 27 September 2013 00:00

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